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Dirt Stirring at Wolf Point South …er… Salesforce Tower

Cell phone cameras are wonderful things. They let astronomy apps label the stars at night. They let us share precious moments with loved ones in other countries. And they let someone way up at the top of a skyscraper on the other side of the Chicago River take a picture of drilling happening at the future site of Salesforce Tower Chicago.

You may remember STC as Wolf Point South, the not-quite-60-story tower that Hines and the Kennedy Family are building at the tip of the former surface parking lot that juts unforgivingly into the confluence of the Chicago River and its North Branch.

So near… and yet so far.

Just days ago, Loop Spy Chris pressed his cameraphone against some double-pane and took the snap above showing a drilling rig tasting whatever might lie beneath the dirt.

Salesforce Tower is a Pelli Clarke Pelli design that first emerged in 2015, and has been refined since.

Its height is expected to be 950 feet, though the number of floors it will have remains to be seen. Salesforce is calling it 59 floors, but we’ve also seen 60 and 57. Hopefully soon we’ll get a firm count and also find out if that number includes the invitation-only observation deck.

Rendering of Salesforce Tower Chicago (via Salesforce)
Rendering of Salesforce Tower Chicago (via Salesforce)

Location: 333 West Wolf Point Plaza Drive, River North

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