New Pix of New Building Next to Lincoln Park’s Village Theater

Ordinarily, we love old buildings. It took a while for us to develop an appreciation for the Mid-century Modern aesthetic, and even certain brutalist forms are starting to seem less tacky these days. But when demolition permits were issued for the dump-o-riffic diner building on the corner of North and Clark across from the Chicago History Museum, not a tear dropped on our battle-scarred MacBook Air’s keyboard.

And that’s good because what’s replacing it is pretty spiffy.

Fifteen Fifty on the Park joins other recent Chicago buildings “on the park,” including 340 on the Park, Legacy on the Park, Heritage on the Park, and Essex on the Park. Except this time, the “park” is Lincoln Park, not Grant Park.

Rendering of 1550 on the Park (Courtesy of @properties)
Rendering of 1550 on the Park (Courtesy of @properties)

As Fifteen Fifty replaces the diner, it saves the face of the old Village Theater. The public couldn’t go in the theater anyway, so nothing has been lost. In the rendering above from SCB, you can see how the street will benefit from a revitalized historic facade to complement the Germania Building next door, which is the bee’s knees.

When completed later this year, 1550 will have 32 new homes, ranging from $1.5 million for 2,300 square feet to $5.85 million for 4,500 square feet.

Standout features include the balconies. Almost every unit has one, and the developers claim that some will be larger than a house’s backyard.

Location: 1550 North Clark Street, Lincoln Park

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