Navy Pier Flyover Now Flying Over DuSable Park

If you went downtown for the greening of the river last weekend, you may have wondered what’s the skinny on the Navy Pier Flyover.

Well, dear shamrock shaker, things are moving along.

Navy Pier Flyover under construction (Courtesy of Streeterville Spy Joel)
Navy Pier Flyover under construction (Courtesy of Streeterville Spy Joel)

Streeterville Spy Joel sent in the photograph above showing construction of the multi-purpose path’s spine going over DuSable Park. This is work on phase two of three in this project. CDOT is working from south to north on this portion, so if you wander by, you’ll be able to measure the progress yourself.

Navy Pier Flyover under construction (Courtesy of Streeterville Spy Joel)
Navy Pier Flyover under construction (Courtesy of Streeterville Spy Joel)

What you can’t see is that CDOT is also working inside the the Lake Shore Drive bridge houses. They’re getting rid of old equipment that is no longer needed in order to make room for the flyover, half of which will actually go though the bridge houses.

Meanwhile, more CDOT crews are taking care of some improvements on the actual stuff that makes the bridges move, which is in the machinery rooms below the bridge.

In a few weeks, work will begin on actually extending the path across the river, which will be adjacent to Lake Shore Drive. Yes, that means lane closures. Tune to the radio station of your choice… oh, wait… WBBM to be alerted when that happens.

Location: North Lake Shore Drive at the Chicago River, Streeterville


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  1. It feels absurd how long this has taken. In this time I’ve seen entire buildings constructed. What am I missing?

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    • The money wasn’t there to fund this in one shot so it’s been a budget item spread over 3-4 years..

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    • You’re right that is has taken a long time, but a common misconception is that, in this case, taking a while means it costs more and more money. The reason for the delay, as I’ve heard it told several times, is that the majority of this project’s funding is coming from the federal government. So CDOT does the work, when they get the money, which has been glacial. It seems weird that the Feds would take SOOO long to release funds, but that’s the reasoning that has been cited.

      Slowly but surely it’s getting there…very…slowly…

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