Fulton Market Tower Gets Taller, Drops Solar

A new building going up just off Fulton Market is going even uppier. Or something like that. 

Mark Goodman & Associates has been given approval to add another floor to 310 North Sangamon.  The 12-story building will now be 13 stories when it’s done. The overall building height will now be 180 ½ feet tall – an increase of ten feet and change. 

Rendering of 310 North Sangamon (Courtesy of Mark Goodman & Associates)
June 2018 rendering of 310 North Sangamon (Courtesy of Mark Goodman & Associates)

Though the building will be taller, it’s street presence will be slightly lighter. That’s because the south end of the building will be reduced from eight stories to five, and the brick changed from black to brown. 

Other changes approved by the city include dumping the rooftop solar energy array, and moving the building amenities up to the penthouse level. 

This building was originally introduced as a “passive house,” which ideally takes zero energy from the grid.  It remains to be seen if the elimination of the rooftop solar panels will change that, or if another means has been chosen for achieving its previous energy goals. 

Location: 310 North Sangamon Street, West Town

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