Chicago’s Growth Spurt Hits A Gold Coast Corner

Another new development is coming to the area surrounding the Gold Coast’s Viagra Triangle.

The tony ‘hood is not immune from the wave of redevelopment sweeping over the core of Chicago.  Old restaurants are making way for new hotels.  Venerable greystones are yielding to hyperluxe condo blocks.  And the places that crooners once sang about have long since taken their bows.

Next on the chopping block: The retail building at 1200 North State Parkway, which is going residential.

1200 North State Street (via Apple Maps)
1200 North State Street (via Apple Maps)

The Loop’s Newscastle Limited has filed paperwork in the city to move forward with the project which would replace a group of former bars and retail spaces.

April 2019 rendering of 1200 North State
April 2019 rendering of 1200 North State

That’s not to say that there won’t be retail in the new place.  Of course there will be.  This is State and Division, one of the busiest corners in the Gold Coast.  But up top there will now be nearly a hundred new homes as the plot nearly triples in size from three floors to 11.

  • Address: 1200-1212 North State Street
  • Developer: Lookout LLC
  • For realsies: Newcastle
  • Architecture firm: CallisonRTKL
  • Size: 19,004 square feet
  • Height: 121 feet, eight inches
  • Length: 144 ½ feet
  • Width: 131 ½ feet
  • Floors: 11
  • Floor area ratio: 5.0
  • Zoning: B3-5 → RBPD
  • Maximum number of residences: 95
  • Residential access: via North State Street
  • Retail access: via West Division Street
  • Garage access: via North State Street
  • Automobile parking: 32 spaces
  • Loading dock access: via north-south alley

Location: 1200 North State Parkway, Gold Coast

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