A Fulton Market Office Building that Actually Won’t Change the Neighborhood

It seems like each day brings news of another piece of West Town’s industrial history being turned into a  playground for the young-and-would-be-rich-if-not-for-their-student-loans.

1234 West Fulton Market (Via Apple Maps)
1234 West Fulton Market (Via Apple Maps)

But today we’re happy to report that the low-slung manufacturing building at 1234 West Fulton Market will NOT be replaced by a glitzy high-rise with a fake brick facade on the lower floors to blend in with the neighborhood aesthetic that it erased.

Instead, this property is being converted into a 14,000 square foot office building.

1234 is one of those long, anonymous buildings with barrel vaulted roofs, and a tastefully detailed stone entrance that we never really noticed until they started disappearing en masse.  

While this zoning change will keep the building mostly as it is for now, there’s no guarantee that it will remain that way forever.  These manufacturing buildings are disappearing fast, and there doesn’t appear to be anyone who wants to preserve them for posterity.  

Yes, they’re short.  Yes, they’re ugly.  No, they don’t maximize the potential density or value of the property.  But they are, and were, an integral part of what built the City of Big Shoulders.  

Not every building in Chicago has to be an Anatolian Shepherd, or a Weimaraner.  There’s room in this city for pugs, and wiener dogs, and even those horrible little terriers that drive your neighbors crazy but you don’t notice them yip-yapping for hours on end because you’re used to tuning them out.  Seriously, dude.  Pay attention to your dogs.

  • Address: 1234-48 West Fulton Market
  • Address: 301-15 North Elizabeth Street
  • Zoning: M2-3 → DS-5
  • Height: 25 feet
  • Automobile parking: none

Location: 1234 West Fulton Market, West Town

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