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Linear Park Construction Continues Near Addison Where A RiverRuns Through It

The construction of Chicago’s latest linear park is chugging right along, with bridgework happening near Addison and Rockwell.  Think of 312 RiverRun as a moist version of The 606, except instead of being built on an old industrial rail bed, it’s being built over the old industrial North Branch of the Chicago River.

Construction of the 312 RiverRun at Addison (July 2019, courtesy of Avondale Spy Joel)
Construction of the 312 RiverRun at Addison (July 2019, courtesy of Avondale Spy Joel)

Avondale Spy Joel sent in the photograph above of kayakers paddling past the Leah M and its barge at a point where a bridge is being built near Clark Park.

We first told you about 312 RiverRun in 2014 when Epstein honcho Andrew Metter presented it at an AIA event.  At the time, our Bill Motchan reported:

It will connect a path at a critical point on the North Branch of the Chicago River between Clark Park and California Park. The project is a basic walking and biking path. But it’s neither basic, nor simple to execute because of the steep slopes along the river’s edge.

Rather than obliterate the river’s edge, 312 RiverRun leaves it in tact.  

With the usual method of construction, it would take 30 or 40 years to re-establish this amount of green growth. We wondered what could we do to stay away from the bank? We said, ‘Why don’t we do this: Divorce the path from the water’s edge?’

Andrew Metter, Epstein

At its maximum height, 312 RiverRun will be 18 feet above the river.  It will also swoop under the Addison Street bridge, so there’s no interruption in the route. 

Location: 2700 West Addison Street, Irving Park

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