From House of God to House of Bob in Ukrainian Village

As Chicago evolves, we’ve seen a number of its holy places left behind.  While some are unlucky and are abandoned, others find a new purpose as places to live in a town with a housing needle inching toward the “crisis” end of the gauge.

The Revival, August 2019 (Courtesy of @properties)
The Revival, August 2019 (Courtesy of @properties)

The latest building to be born again is the former Saint John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, at 921 North Hoyne in Ukrainian Village, now known as “The Revival.”

While the congregation is gone, the building remains and has been restored by Regency Development Group.  This includes refurbishing the outside while preserving its windows and bell tower.  

The Revival, August 2019 (Courtesy of @properties)
The Revival, August 2019 (Courtesy of @properties)

Inside, there are now nine condominiums with three or four bedrooms, running from 1,585 to 2,715 square feet.  Some are even duplexes.  Sales have just started through @properties.

The gothic revival building was designed by Henry Worthmann and John Steinbach.  The window restoration was done by Emily Carlson of Solstice Art Source.  

Location: 921 North Hoyne Avenue, Ukrainian Village

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