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Things Look Serious for New Gold Coast Apartment Building

It was just a few months ago that Newcastle Limited bought all of the properties it needs to put up a new apartment building at 1200 North State Parkway on the northwest corner of State and Division.  And photos from Gold Coast Spy Brian show what can only be described as progress.

Heavy machinery at 1200 North State (August 2019, courtesy of Gold Coast Spy Brian)
Heavy machinery at 1200 North State (August 2019, courtesy of Gold Coast Spy Brian)

In the photo above, you can see a soil sampling machine parked on the sidewalk in front of 1204 North State Street.  We like to think of these tracked contraptions as the machines that plant the seeds of new buildings in Chciago.  We’re funny that way.

Newcastle has big plans for this small corner.  It wants to put up an 11-story building designed by CallisonRTKL with about a hundred apartments over ground floor retail space.  

The greater Viagra Triangle area is seeing a number of its low-rise retail buildings being replaced by residential blocks.  Newcastle is also working on a 39-story residential tower it wants to sprout in place of the Barnes & Noble book store two blocks to the south.

Location: 1200 North State Parkway, Gold Coast


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  1. Another bookstore gone. I remember when the site of Barnes & Noble was another bookstore that would have a coffee round table every night and all the intellectuals would come and talk. What is happening to these places is very sad. We don’t need any more apartment buildings. We need more bookstores.

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