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Wolf Point East: Almost, But Not Quite There Yet

Last week we told you about speculation that the skyscraper known as Wolf Point East had topped out. It turns out that while that’s a good guess, the building is not quite there yet.

Construction of Wolf Point East (August 2019. Courtesy of River North Spy Chris.)
Construction of Wolf Point East (August 2019. Courtesy of River North Spy Chris.)

As promised, we talked to people who talked to people who know things, and no, the notion of topping out is currently all talk. For now. Clearly, from the photo above you can see that it’s going to top out any minute now.


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  1. Is there an understood definition of “top out”? I’ll keep that in mind before sounding the alarm too soon on the next one…

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    • Editor

      Unlike many things related to skyscrapers, there actually is a definition for topped out. I’ve commonly heard it to mean the last piece of structural steel has been put into place. Sometimes there is a ceremony with a bunch of people who get to sign the last girder before it’s hoisted into place. For example, my signature is written in black marker on a steel member at the top of K2.

      As always, I’m open to differing opinions on this, but that is the use I’ve always heard.

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