Gold Coast Bookstore: 1, Real Estate Developers: 0

If you’re itching to use that new Moleskine notebook you got at the back-to-school sale to make a list of things that will never happen, you can jot this down:  A 39-story building at 1130 North State Street.

That’s where a real estate developer wanted to put up an apartment tower, replacing 50% of the remaining Barnes & Noble book stores in Chicago.

April 2019 rendering of 1130 North State Street
April 2019 rendering of 1130 North State Street

The building was proposed by Newcastle Limited, which is a Loop real estate developer, not an English soccer team (go, Magpies!).  It had plans for over 360 new homes on the site.  The Chicago Tribune reports that the plan was cancelled at the urging of second ward alderman Brian Hopkins.

The Trib notes that Newcastle doesn’t actually own the property, so it’s hard to say if the company will put forward a revised idea, or just pass on the deal altogether.

Location: 1130 North State Street, Gold Coast

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