Get the Crowbar: New Hotel Skyscraper to be Wedged into River North

The River North skyscraper frenzy of a few years ago has cooled off a bit, but there’s still some spicy meatballs in the development pipeline.

Diagram of 808 North Cleveland (September 2019)
Diagram of 808 North Cleveland (September 2019)

A developer wants to put up a new 25-story tower at 808 North Cleveland Avenue.  If you’re not sure exactly where that is, it’s on Chicago Avenue across the street from The Montgomery.

Intriguingly, this isn’t another condo block, or an apartment hive jammed with oxymoronic luxury studios.  It’s a hotel.  In an area that actually, yes, could probably use a full-service hotel.

The location of 808 North Cleveland (via Apple Maps)
The location of 808 North Cleveland (via Apple Maps)

DAC Developments is the company pursuing this with the city, having recently filed zoning paperwork for the project.  While some may raise their eyebrows at the fact that DAC is headed by the son of Tony Rezko, we’re not going to go there.  In spite of the rise of vigilante social media, we don’t believe the sins of the father should be visited upon their sons.

  • Net site area: 18,300 square feet
  • Floor area ratio: 13.32
  • Maximum height: 260 feet, eight inches
  • Roof height: 242 feet
  • Maximum width: 120 feet
  • Maximum length: 172 feet
  • Building size: 297,778 square feet
  • Retail space: 8,065 square feet
  • Hotel space: 183,321 square feet
  • Hotel rooms: 216
  • Outdoor amenity deck: fourth and 24th floors
  • Hotel lobby access: via North Cleveland Street
  • Retail access: via West Chicago Avenue
  • Garage access: via North Cleveland Street
  • Loading dock access: via North Cambridge Avenue
  • Automobile parking: 90 spaces
  • Green roof: 66.8% (!)

Location: 808 North Cleveland Street, River North

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