1,400-Foot-Tall Michigan Avenue Skyscraper Plan “Significantly Revised”

The immense new residential skyscraper planned for the former parking lot behind the building that used to house the Chicago Tribune has been updated.

The plan for Tribune Tower East has been “significantly revised” according to 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly’s recent e-mail to his constituents.  Now he’s scheduled a public meeting to go over what changes have been made.

April 2018 rendering of the proposed Tribune East (via CIM Group)
April 2018 rendering of the proposed Tribune East (via CIM Group)

The alderman states that he had “many” concerns about the skyscraper’s parking podium and the project’s potential impact on traffic, congestion, and open space.

The previous-most-recent information we saw was that Tribune Tower East was going to rise 1,422 feet and have 949 units in the building.  Exactly what mix the “units” would be is unclear, but an earlier formal proposal for this building had a mix of hotel rooms, apartments, and condominiums.

Los Angeles’ CIM Group and Streeterville’s Golub will present the revised plan next Tuesday, November 19th at 6pm at the Sheraton on East North Water Street.

Location: 450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive, Streeterville


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  1. Very tall buildings are an attraction to new residents and to tourists alike, even if they’re not going to the neighborhoods that the buildings are in. I get the use of the podium, but if we want to exceed expectations and look progressive, attractive, building very tall is a large part of that. It projects a positive image, and as long as parking is included, I don’t see how such a structure would be a huge detriment. The spire site should be allowed to be tall, and so should this one.

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  2. Here we go again- another shorter structure when Chicago is supposed to be the birth of the skyscraper or maybe it is New York’s title then.

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    • Ney york has many tall buildings under construction.in 5 years 15 will be over a 1000 ft

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    • Amen to the above post.

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  3. Oh no! Not again. All that height hype only to be disappointed…..again! ¿Whatever happened to the spirit if “I will!” ?

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  4. Hopefully… HOPEFULLY they don’t chop down the height of the building.

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