33-Story Banquet Coming to the Fulton River District

What’s better than a State Street Thanksgiving parade stuffed with Jesse White Tumblers?  How about a 33-story skyscraper stuffed into the Fulton River District?  42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly went all Father Christmas on us Thanksgiving eve, letting the development cat out of his red velvet bag.  

November 2019 rendering of 344 North Canal (via the Office of Alderman Brendan Reilly)
November 2019 rendering of 344 North Canal (via the Office of Alderman Brendan Reilly)

The pope’s nose at this feast is a residential tower that will gobble up the old brick warehouse at 344 North Canal Street, across the street from the Fulton House, formerly the American Cold Storage Warehouse.  

Location of 344 North Canal (basemap via Apple Maps)
Location of 344 North Canal (basemap via Apple Maps)

It’s an odd slice of land, defined by the dead railroad right-of-way that leads to the Kinzie Street Bridge, and the current Amtrak tracks that turn west after emerging from Union Station.  If you’re having trouble placing it, it’s the brick warehouse with the big red “Wm J. CASSIDY TIRE” sign painted at the top.  It’s also how people arriving at Ogilvie station on the Metra train from the northern suburbs know it’s time to gather their belongings and proceed in an orderly fashion to the exits.

The Habitat Company is the host of this feast, bringing its third drumstick to this corner of the city.  The previous two are Kingsbury Plaza and Hubbard Place, both bigger helpings, and both just across the river.  Those two were both designed by SCB, which is the chef hired for this meal, too.  You can definitely see a family resemblance.

Side dishes include 343 apartments, 124 parking spaces, and a smorgasbord of retail space.

If you’d like to get a taste of this morsel, had to the East Bank Club on Monday, December 9th.  Herr Reilly will host a public meeting about the project at 6pm, just in time for supper.

Location: 344 North Canal Street, Fulton River District

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