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The Union Station Tower is Finally Real

For as long as anyone can remember, it’s been lots of discussion but no digging in the West Loop where Amtrak has wanted to add a skyscraper to the Union Station complex since before Amtrak was a thing.  In the last 15 years, we’ve seen at least three different plans for Amtrak skyscrapers that simply never got off the ground.  But that has finally changed.

2019 rendering of BMO Tower, formerly Union Station Tower. (Courtesy of Goettsch Partners.)
2019 rendering of BMO Tower, formerly Union Station Tower. (Courtesy of Goettsch Partners.)

Riverside Investment and Development along with Convexity Properties have broken ground on BMO Tower, a 50-story office building designed by Goettsch Partners.

The tower has been refined since we last saw it.  The neutering of its ground floor podium has reduced the number of setbacks from four to three, and opened up possibilities on the ground floor.  That’s where recessed lobbies facing east and west are framed by diagonal support structures, encouraging pedestrian traffic to engage with the building and not just hoof on past. 

2019 rendering of BMO Tower, formerly Union Station Tower. (Courtesy of Goettsch Partners.)
2019 rendering of BMO Tower, formerly Union Station Tower. (Courtesy of Goettsch Partners.)

This is hardly the first time Riverside and Goettish have pulled on their blue striped circus tights and performed a balancing act.  They are currently walking this same tightrope a few blocks away at 110 North Wacker where a 1.5 million square foot office building cantilevers over a new extension of the Chicago Riverwalk.  And a few blocks further, 150 North Riverside continues to amaze as it extrudes itself from a narrow space between below-grade train tracks and then squirts upward into the Chicago skyline like an architectural version of a Pillsbury can of exploding biscuit dough.

Proposed Amtrak Tower at 300 South Canal Street
The 2011 Union Station Tower proposal. Maybe someday it will get built; there’s still room!

The hallmark at the top of this 700 foot skyscraper will be BMO, better known globally as Bank of Montreal, and better known locally as the Canadians who ate Harris Bank.

At the base of the tower will be a 1 ½ acre park, something that this area could really use; but it will be interesting to see how it holds up against the constant assault of fumes from idling taxis and buses, circling ride share vehicles, and the trains which sit across the street belching diesel nonsense into all of the biological air filters walking by.

Location: 320 South Canal Street, West Loop


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  1. What needs to happen is for the bland building that replaced the old concourse building in the 60’s to be razed and replaced. Loss of the concourse building is why we presently have the low ceilings and stifling passages. It wasn’t always that way!

    A new structure would have the station concourse functionalities on the lower level. Above that can be whatever the developer wants: Hotel, offices, residential, retail, whatever. A proper plan should not cost Amtrak or Metra a penny.

    This should be a no-brainer. Come on developers; step up.

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