Apartment Building Wedges in to 1140 West Erie

Remember those plastic Trivial Pursuit pie wedges that refused to budge when you tried to pull them out of the circle thing, but somehow managed to hide in the carpet so you’d step on them in your bare feet in the middle of the night?  Someone is trying to build an apartment building on one of those things in West Town.

December 2019 diagram of 1140 West Erie
December 2019 diagram of 1140 West Erie

The location in question is the wedge-shaped piece of land bounded by North Ogden Avenue, West Erie Street, and the curve of North May Street, just west of the Kennedy Expressway.  

Right now the property has a light manufacturing building with offices attached.  It’s not terrible looking, if you’re into the 1980’s suburban Wisconsin aesthetic.  But we’re not, so no tears will be shed when this comes tumbling down.

1140 West Erie (via Apple Maps)
1140 West Erie (via Apple Maps)

In its place will be a modest nine-story apartment building with two score and seven new homes, plus a pool on the second floor roof.  The neighbors are mostly three-story residential buildings, but probably won’t complain much for two reasons.  First, because there’s already a 16-story residential tower right across the street, so the precedent has been set.  And second, the new apartments will block a portion of the noise and filth spewed into the neighborhood by I-90/94 each day.

  • Address: 1140 West Erie Street
  • Developer: Bond Companies
  • Net site area: 20,450 square feet
  • Floor area ratio: 5.0
  • Zoning: M1-2 → B3-5 → Residential-Business Planned Development
  • Residences: 87
  • Affordable housing units: 17
  • Floors: 9
  • Maximum height: 140 feet
  • Amenity deck: 2nd floor
  • Automobile parking: 31 spaces
  • Loading docks: one

Location: 1140 West Erie Street, West Town

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