Somnambulant Plans for 900 West Fulton Market Filed With City

Moaning about the history of Fulton Market being erased by development has become as futile as trying to use the internet without Facebook tracking your every move, even if you don’t have a Facebook account.  With a new decade upon us, we have officially given up complaining about Chicago erasing this chapter of its history in favor of the boring, homogenized, could-be-anywhere-in-the-Midwest aesthetic that appeals to bankers, politicians, and Michigan Avenue tourists.

December 2019 diagram of 900 West Fulton Market
December 2019 diagram of 900 West Fulton Market

To that end, we merely note that plans for 900 West Fulton Market have been submitted to Chicago’s Committee on Zoning, Landmarks, and Building Standards.  Details and diagrams of which appear below.

God save the city of bland shoulders.

  • Address: 900-918 West Fulton Market
  • Address: 300-308 North Peoria Street
  • Developer: Shorewood Development Group
  • Zoning: C1-1 → DX-5 → Business Planned Development
  • Net site area: 10,098 square feet
  • Floor area ratio: 8.1 (5.0 base + 3.1 bonus)
  • Automobile parking: none
  • Maximum height: 117 feet, one inch
  • Roof height: 112 feet, one inch
  • Length: 100 feet, one inch
  • Width: 100 feet, 10 inches
  • Setbacks: on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 8th floors
  • Floors: 9
Location of 900 West Fulton Market (via Apple Maps)
Location of 900 West Fulton Market (via Apple Maps)

Location: 900 West Fulton Market, West Town


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