Wayback Wednesday: Lord, Snow Down On Me

It was ten years ago today, January 8, 2010 that we took this photograph of what was then known as the Episcopal Church Center at 65 East Huron Street, just off Michigan Avenue. That’s where a life-sized bronze statue, appearing half man and half angel arched its back, stretched its arms, and welcomed the coming snowstorm.

Saint James Commons on January 8, 2010
Saint James Commons on January 8, 2010

A year earlier this space was renamed Saint James Commons to go along with the 1875 Saint James Cathedral next door, but the sign wasn’t changed yet. Today the statue is gone thanks to a 2013 renovation designed by Loebl Schlossman & Hackl which transformed this space into the Pepper Family Plaza.

If you haven’t been to either the cathedral or the plaza, they’re both worth visiting. And if you go on the right day in the autumn, you can get your cat blessed and then sit in an amazing space and enjoy choral music.

Location: 65 East Huron Street, Near North

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