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That’s One Chicago You’ve Got Growing There

If you went to midnight mass at Holy Name Cathedral on Christmas Eve, you may have noticed two things. First, the absence of the traditional phalanx of public servants, from the mayor and police chief on down. And second, the complete lack of parking across the street.

For the first item, why Chicago’s pols choose not to make themselves visible to the city’s largest voting bloc is beyond the scope of what we do here. The second part, however, is right up our gangway: One Chicago.

Rendering of One Chicago Square
Rendering of One Chicago Square

One Chicago is the beast that ate the cathedral’s parking lot. Last week we showed you what it looks like down inside the foundation, where construction workers are working to construct One Chicago’s 49- and 76-story towers.

One Chicago under construction in January 2020 (Courtesy of Gold Coast Spy Joel)
One Chicago under construction in January 2020 (Courtesy of Gold Coast Spy Joel)

This week the photos are from Gold Coast Spy Joel, who gives us a more pedestrian view at what pedestrians might view at as they stroll by. As you can see, this project is already peeking above street level, and before you know it will climb 971 feet into the Chicago skyline.

Location: 1 West Chicago Avenue, Gold Coast

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