Architecture School Founded by Frank Lloyd Wright to Shutter

The architecture school started by one of the giants of his discipline will soon be no more.  The School of Architecture at Taliesin, founded by Frank Lloyd Wright, will close at the end of this coming June.  

Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin, 1925.
Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin, 1925.

More than 1,200 people passed through the school’s programs over the last 88 years at both the Spring Green, Wisconsin and Scottsdale, Arizona locations.  There are currently about 30 students enrolled, and they will be able to finish out this semester.

The school used to be known as the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, but changed its name in 2017 when it divorced from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.   It also goes by the name “SoAT.”

"The truth is more important than the facts." —Frank Lloyd Wright
“The truth is more important than the facts.” —Frank Lloyd Wright

In a fairly vague press release, the school called the closing decision “tragic” and “gut-wrenching.”  It also wrote, “The School of Architecture at Taliesin was not able to reach an agreement with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to keep the school open.”

That sounds vaguely like the school is blaming the foundation for the closure, but the foundation isn’t having any of it.  Or as my millennial boss would say, “Don’t put that out there for the universe to hear.”

The foundation published a rather detailed and entertaining rebuttal, which you can read here.  Most of all, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation wants the universe to know that even though SoAT is closing its doors, it’s business as usual at both of Wright’s Taliesin campuses.

For completeness, you can read the school’s take on things here.  But don’t do it on an iPad, because the school’s web site parties like it’s 1999. Meaning it doesn’t work on these new-fangled tablet thingamabobs.

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