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Counting Down to the Vista Tower Opening

It’s said that the devil is in the details.  Today, there’s an angel buried in there, deep down inside 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly’s latest missive to his constituents.  That’s where we find out when Magellan Development’s Vista Tower is going to open in Lakeshore East.

Rendring of the Wanda Vista Tower (Courtesy of Studio Gang)
Rendring of the Wanda Vista Tower (Courtesy of Studio Gang)

“Magellan expects for this to occur in the third quarter of 2020.”

Ordinarily we don’t get our hopes up about anticipated completion dates (*cough*Navy Pier Flyover*cough*), but this isn’t a cliché-filled press release from a Northwestern grad with an “I’d like to see your manager” hombre.  It’s from a Chicago alderman.  And real estate developers try not to fib in their presence.

While “third quarter” is not a precise date, it is at least a window at which we can gaze longingly from the frosted gray of February.  And since the third quarter of the year begins July 1st, that means we’re exactly 100 business days away from starting each morning by calling Magellan Development and asking, “Is it open now?  How about now?  What about now?  Now?  Now?  Now?”  *click*

(For those of you who think about architecture on weekends, too, it’s 142 days away, which sounds less monumental than 100 business days.)

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