Canada Goose Island Lark For Dog Depot Ferreted Out

While many people expected the enormous project called 700 at the River to be the next big thing to happen on Chicago Avenue, Canadian developer Onni Group has just put another dog in the race, dishing about its off-the-chain redevelopment plans for the old Greyhound yard at the southern tip of Goose Island.

The old Greyhound service yard (via Apple Maps)
The old Greyhound service yard (via Apple Maps)

The Chicago Tribune (no longer related to Tribune Media which owns 700 at the River) reports that Onni wants to put up a huge new mixed-use development with offices, hotels, shops, up to 2,500 new residences, and even a pedestrian bridge linking its new district with the old Montgomery Ward catalog warehouse across the Chciago River. Unless you’ve been in the doghouse for the last 10 years, you know that building is now called 600 West Chicago and draws tech companies like fleas on a basset hound.

It’s still early days, so don’t start taking moving boxes home from work yet. According to El Triborino, the Canucks are still doing meetings with politicians, bureaucrats, and neighborhood groups.

Onni bought the industrial space last year when Greyhound legged it down to Canaryville. The Vancouver skyscraper-upper is the latest to look at the Chicago River and get a tingly feeling in its bottom line. Its mega-development neighbors would be the previously mentioned 700 at the River to the south, and Sterling Bay’s Lincoln Yards to the north.

Location: 901 North Halsted Street, Goose island

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