West Loop Skyscraper to Add Height, Scrape More Sky

If your office seems a little devoid of architecture nerds this morning, it might be because the density junkies in the crowd are sleeping one off in the Pedway under a pile of Red Eyes, with a thoroughly gnawed copy of Zoning Application 20348 clenched in their drooling jaws.

2019 rendering of BMO Tower, formerly Union Station Tower. (Courtesy of Goettsch Partners.)
2019 rendering of BMO Tower, formerly Union Station Tower. (Courtesy of Goettsch Partners.)

20348 got updated yesterday with a request from Convexity Partners and Riverside Investment and Development to add another floor to the 50-story BMO Tower they are building at 320 South Canal Street.  The count is now 51 stories: One for each American state, and the District of Columbia.

While the “Taller! Taller! Taller!” crowd may want to add Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Northern Mariana Islands to this skyscraper, we’re just happy that it’s now going to be a smidge over 729 feet tall, instead of a flat 700 feet.  Don’t let anyone tell you size doesn’t matter. Canadian  pharmacies and the late night television ad market and depend on it.

It’s been a while since we’ve given you the skinny on this Goettsch Partners dido, so here’s the 411 on 320:

  • Address: 320 South Canal Street
  • Address: 200-340 South Canal Street
  • Address: 500-530 West Van Buren Street
  • Address: 201-399 South Clinton Street
  • Address: 501-531 West Adams Street
  • Net site area: 92,286 square feet
  • Maximum building size: 1,578,777 square feet
  • Floor area ratio: 17.11
  • Maximum height: 729 feet, one inch.
  • Stacking
    • 51: Mechanical
    • 36-50: Office
    • 35: Sky lobby
    • 14-34: Office
    • 13: Does not exist
    • 4-12: Office
    • 3: Amenities, Mechanical
    • Mezzanine: Conference rooms
    • 2: Conference rooms, Mechanical
    • 1: Lobby, Retail
    • LL2-LL1: Parking (The north side LL2 is deeper than the south side, if you’re into that sort fo thing.)
  • Setbacks: 
    • 17th floor (206 ½ feet)
    • 33rd floor (452 feet)
    • 49th floor (643 ½ feet)
  • Building overhang over park: 10,392 square feet
  • Automobile parking: 400 spaces
  • Bicycle parking: 50 spaces
  • Loading docks: 4
  • Green roof: 13,512 square feet

Location: 320 South Canal Street, West Loop

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