Loop Skyscraper Apparently Crawling With Leprechauns

Editor’s note:  These days pretty much everyone is worried about the Wuhan Flu. Because of that, a lot of irreverent online publications aren’t publishing anymore, or have taken a much more serious tone.  But as rabid news consumers, we believe that sometimes you need an escape from the latest body count in the morning paper.  So we’re going to continue publishing as long as we can, and in the tone we always have, to give you an opportunity to forget about the state the world is in, even if only for a minute or two.

If you celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day with a can of 312 Urban Wheat on the way to work on the Blue Line this morning (you know who you are), then before you sober up, head down to 333 South Wabash.  Word on the street is that the place is infested with leprechauns.

The end of the rainbow is at 333 South Wabash Avenue (Courtesy of Loop Spy Jody)

The evidence comes from Loop Spy Jody, who provided the photograph above, taken a few months ago, showing conclusive proof that the end the rainbow is, indeed, the former CNA Plaza. That means that somewhere hidden inside its 44 stories is a pot of gold.

You want more proof?  The dye used to turn the Chicago River green is actually orange.  And the skyscraper at 333 is colored orangeishy-red.  Coincidence?  We think not.

If security at 333 throws you out for trying to get your hands on someone’s lucky charms, you can console yourself by grabbing a Shamrock Shake, instead.  There’s a McDonald’s two blocks north on Adams.  

Location: 333 South Wabash Avenue, The Loop

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