Things To Do While Self-Isolating in Chicago: Part 1 — Amuse Your Neighbors

With tens of millions of Americans suddenly forced to work from home, to stay at home, and to confront the general cleanliness of their homes; this seems like a good time to discuss things to do while self-isolated in Chicago. We bring you this series as people with some experience in this arena, having worked from home for ten years in a 475-square-foot apartment in downtown Chicago with a wife and a cat.

Part 1 of ?: Amuse your neighbors — from a distance

In the small years of this century, it was cool for Loop office workers to create mosaic works of art on their windows with Post-it notes to the delight of people in nearby buildings and passing trains. Now is the time to put all of your pilfered office supplies you stole to good use.

According to completely scientific numbers that were totally didn’t just make up, every time you stare out the window wondering what the hell happened to the world, there’s 93.87% chance that someone else is doing the same thing. Arts and crafts can turn your melancholy and infinite sadness into Instagramable moments of joy for your neighbors.

Here’s some suggestions to get you started:

  • Break out your Christmas decorations again and create a holly-jolly winter’s scene.
  • Tie red and orange ribbons to a fan pointing straight up and make it look like your apartment is in fire.
  • Make a disco ball from a dry cleaning hangar and aluminum foil. Then point laser cat toys at it and load your dishwasher with hand soap to throw an Albany Park-style warehouse foam-rave in your kitchen.

The possibilities are endless.

Your cat won’t understand why you put the Christmas lights back up. But they don’t have to worry about keeping their sanity.

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