Wayback Wednesday: Greetings from Glencoe’s Past

If you haven’t traveled much lately — and you shouldn’t be traveling at all these days — you may not have noticed that postcards are becoming harder and harder to find.

I’m one of those people who still sends postcards.  They’re like Instagram in slow motion.  Except with professional pictures, more privacy, and you can stick them to a refrigerator.  Something currently not possible with an iPhone.

I was recently disappointed by the lack of postcard availability in Palm Springs, Santa Fe, and the greater metropolitan Gabbs, Nevada area.  However, at a remote antiques store in America’s desert southwest I did come across this post card with Chicagoland ties.

1930’s postcard showing scenic Glencoe, Illinois

It states boldly, “Greetings from GLENCOE, ILLINOIS” in the classic cut-out block lettering that we expect from such proclamations.  The card features such Glencoe landmarks as:

  • Trees
  • The 1910 Lake Shore Country Club by Howard Van Doren Shaw
  • The 1911 Glencoe Union Church by Patton & Miller
  • More trees
  • A flagpole
  • Two more buildings that we couldn’t track down.

The obverse side is blank, but based on a postmark on its companion, we estimate this postcard was originally printed in the mid 1930’s.

Once you come out of your government-imposed hibernation, you can use the Glencoe’s own web site to put together a walking tour of this northern suburb just a Metra’s ride away.

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