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BMO Tower Construction Update

If your daily commute used to take you through Union Station, you might wonder what’s going on with the BMO Tower under construction across the street.  Well, wonder no more my home-bound friend.  We’ve got your virtual back.

BMO Tower construction in April 2020 (Courtesy of YoChicago!)

YoChicago! sent in the photograph above showing construction progress on the skyscraper at 320 South Canal Street.

OK, so there’s not much to see.  Lots of trucks, lots of cranes, and a guy who looks like he’s about to do the port-a-loo boogaloo.  But to Convexity Properties and Riverside Investment and Development, it’s construction gold, as this means work on their shiny new office tower is moving along.

Later today, the Chicago Plan Commission is expected to approve the developers’ request to increase the height of this building from 50 to 51 stories.  When it’s finished, the Goettsch Partners design will add 1.5 million square feet of office space to the West Loop.  

The real West Loop, not that patch of Garfield Park that your real estate agent sold you as the West Loop.

Location: 320 South Canal Street, West Loop

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