Chicago Architecture Firm Happy to Not Be Needed Today

While you were sequestered in your micro apartment exchanging accusing stares with your cat (she totally ate the last Yoplait), the boffins down at bKL Architecture have been fighting the good fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. And now their part is done. The Loop designers of glassy things that scrape the sky have completed their mission of banging out protective face shields with a stable of 3D printers. 

Face shield production at bKL Architecture (Via GoFundMe)

bKL went down this road several weeks ago, at a time when protective medical gear was harder to find than it is now.  Things are  currently not perfect, of course, but bKL Grand Poobah Tom Kerwin says the shields are now available from large manufacturers in enough quantity that voluntary stop-gap measures like his are no longer needed.

In all, bKL managed to churn out over 5,000 face shields, and delivered them to a dozen states, with the help of almost 300 people and organizations that ponied up for the magic fairy dust refills that keep 3D printers chugging.

Face shield production at bKL Architecture (Via GoFundMe)

All those printers aren’t needed anymore, so eight of them will be donated to Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Public Library

Here’s a partial honor roll of those who cracked open their wallets to make it happen:

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