Chicago Walking Tours Now Available Without the Aching Feet

You know all those walking tours of Chicago you’ve wanted to take, but never did because it was raining, or you were too lazy, or you were ordered not to leave your home by Mayor Lightfoot?  Now you can forget about the Dr. Scholl’s inserts and sweaty underboobs, and see the city from the air conditioned comfort of your Barcalounger.

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Local tour org Chicago Detours is offering walking tours online now.  These aren’t recorded videos of tours, but videoconferences with real live people who normally herd tourists to and fro, but can no longer ply their trade because of the disease.

Each weekday there’s a new “tour,” running about 30 minutes, and a new 50-minute tour each weekend.  

The good news is the tours are free, with a recommended donation.  The bad news is that they’re on Zoom, so capacity is limited, and not everyone is comfortable with Zoom.

Still, if you want to directly help a group of hyper-local entrepreneurs, you can register for a tour here.

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