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Groundbreaking Imminent for What May Be the Safest Building in the Midwest

The first construction permits have been issued for 1400 Monroe, a new 42-unit residential building planned for — you guessed it — 1400 West Monroe Street on Chicago’s Near West Side.

May 2020 rendering of 1400 Monroe (Courtesy of JK Equities)
May 2020 rendering of 1400 Monroe (Courtesy of JK Equities)

The building was designed by Booth Hansen for Long Island developer JK Equities.  The new homes run from $760,000 for 1,242 square feet with two bedrooms to $2,350,000 for over 3,100 square feet with four bedrooms.  

The former occupant of this location, the old Jefferson Park Hospital building, has already been 86’ed, and with permits in hand, expect movement soon.  

The most obvious selling points of this building are the facts that it’s across the street from Skinner Park, within walking distance of the Blue Line, and within Divvy distance of The Loop.

There’s also a less obvious, but more valuable benefit on tap.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, you may have read about billionaires who have safe houses, or “safe rooms” in their houses to protect themselves from any possible disaster, natural or man-made.  This building’s location makes it, in our opinion, the safest in the city.

That’s because it is alley-mates with the most secure building in Chicago that’s not a prison: The Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications.  It’s not a nuclear bunker or anything, but when shit meets fan in Chicago, this is where the most important people go to watch the poo fly.   When the bomb drops, Mayor Lightfoot will hotfoot it to the OEMC.

During less bellicose times, 1400 Monroe also has a covalent bond with the OEMC’s huge parking lot filled with cops and their cars.  It’s all the benefits of living next to a police station without any of the criminals coming and going.  

Location: 1400 West Monroe Street, Near West Side

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