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McHugh Hardhats Make A Kid’s Birthday in Quarantine the Best Ever

Way back in April (this one fell through the cracks, sorry, we’re terrible people), Chicagoan Sawyer Morgenthaler turned seven years old.  Having a birthday during the COVID-19 lockdown is bad enough.  But since Master Morgenthaler lives in the South Loop, he couldn’t be treated to the celebratory suburban drive-by birthday parades that we see on the local TV news all the time. 

Still, young Sawyer didn’t have go to bed on nothing but a slice of cake and crushed spirits.  His day ended splendidly because of construction workers next door at 1000M.  

Birthday banner hung by McHugh Construction (Courtesy of McHugh Construction)

Sawyer’s mom dropped a dime to the developers of what will eventually be a 74-story residential tower at 1000 South Michigan Avenue, and that message got passed on to McHugh Construction, which hung a 12-foot-tall “Happy Birthday Sawyer” banner from the roof of a nearby building so he could see it.  McHugh also sent over a hardhat and an orange safety vest. 

The seven-year-old has been a long-time fan of the Helmut Jahn-designed building, watching 1000M climb into the sky with all the enthusiasm you’d expect from a grade schooler with a balcony that looks out onto heavy machinery.

Sawyer Morgenthaler, age 7.
Sawyer Morgenthaler, age 7.

We note that the ID badge that came with his vest indicates that Sawyer is a foreman.  Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing?

Birthday banner hung by McHugh Construction (Courtesy of McHugh Construction)
Rendering of 1000M (Courtesy of Time Equities)
June 2017 Rendering of 1000M (Courtesy of Time Equities)

Location: 1000 South Michigan Avenue, South Loop

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