The Pillaging of Oak Street: A Visual Tour

Last night, Chicago’s toniest shopping district rang with the sounds of shouting thugs, cracking glass, and a U-Haul truck used as a battering ram. While people in other parts of Chicago and the nation protested for justice, the bands of smash-and-grab thieves that habitually prey on 60611 used the police distraction to ramp up their barbarism and ransacked the neighborhood.

Looting damage on Oak Street, May 30, 2020

By way of background, there are bands of hoods who regularly visit this corner of Chicago to steal from the boutiques that serve the tourists and employ the locals. Even on an ordinary day, the human trash know that they can do almost anything they want because the shopgirls are under orders from their stores to stand aside for thieves. The companies would rather file the loss as an insurance claim than risk the lives of employees who, in spite of appearances, are sometimes paid about the same as fast food workers.

Last night, while the Chicago Police Department was occupied in other parts of the city, the greedy locusts descended in force. They weren’t there to fight police brutality. They weren’t stealing to feed their families. They were there to make a quick buck while terrorizing people who live and work in downtown Chicago.

After enduring a sleepless, helpless night listening to her neighborhood being ransacked, Brenda S. shared these pictures of the results with us.

Location: Oak Street, Gold Coast

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