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Construction Pix, and Small Changes of Plan at Wolf Point South

We’re done with being disappointed with Salesforce Tower Chicago.  Yes, it was originally going to be much taller. And yes, one of the most visible hunks of land in the city deserves a better building.  But at this point, we’re just happy that it’s being built.  Let’s remember that Wolf Point was an industrial wasteland for as long as Illinois governors have been going to jail.

Salesforce Tower Chicago under construction (Courtesy of YoChicago!)
Salesforce Tower Chicago under construction (Courtesy of YoChicago!)

To that end, we bring you new construction photos of Wolf Point South, sent in by YoChicago!.  It’s still a lot of foundation work, but that’s OK.  Augers are spinning.  Dirt is moving.  Wolves are pointing.

Diagram of Salesforce Tower Chicago
Diagram of Salesforce Tower Chicago

And there’s activity beyond the smells of diesel and dust.  The city recently approved a change to the landscaping plan for the area adjacent to the Chicago Riverwalk.  Previously, the space immediately east of the new tower was going to be a plain circular patch of grass.  Now it’s going to be surrounded by curved benches for additional public seating.  You can just imagine a chamber quartet playing something civilized at lunchtime for the office tower’s brown baggers.  Or maybe someone throwing a tiny Frisbee to a miniature dog on a warm Saturday morning.

Immediately south, what was going to be a steep hill covered with trees is now going to be a terraced seating area.  Again, more public seating right where it’s needed, with a view of the river activity.

And check out the cobblestone Chicago Municipal Device at the foot of the skyscraper. There is no place in the entire city where that belongs more.

Keep us distracted with public amenities at ground level, and Hines can be forgiven for letting things get a little stubby up top.

Salesforce Tower Chicago under construction (Courtesy of YoChicago!)
Salesforce Tower Chicago under construction (Courtesy of YoChicago!)

Location: 333 West Wolf Point Plaza Drive, River North


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