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Construction Workers Continue Pounding Away on Lakeshore East

As people slowly emerge from their spider holes to explore the lakefront they once knew and adored, the joggers, cyclists, and yoga moms will discover lots of changes at Lakeshore East.

Cirrus and Cascade under construction (Courtesy of YoChicago!)
Cirrus and Cascade under construction (Courtesy of YoChicago!)

As you can see in these photographs sent in by YoChicago!, work continues on both the Cirrus and Cascade residential towers going up between Lake Shore Drive and North Harbor Drive.  When complete, Cirrus will be 47 stories tall, and Cascade will be 37 stories tall.  Their arrival on the lakefront will also bring a new parklet to the neighborhood, which will connect North Harbor Drive with DuSable Harbor. 

It’s a long-needed link.  For decades, thousands of tourists have ignored, disregarded, or simply not seen the “No access to Navy Pier” signs posted around the New East Side, as they try to access Navy Pier from The Loop.  But it’s not easy.  Or pretty.  It involves wandering through quarters usually only seen by members of The Night Mission, and their clients.  

The new park will provide a dignified, more logical way for tourists who don’t understand public transit, or are afraid of buses, to get from Millennium Park to Navy Pier.  It will also be prime real estate for watching fireworks over the lake.

Cirrus and Cascade under construction (Courtesy of YoChicago!)
The future location of Building I (Courtesy of YoChicago!)

Once Cirrus and Cascade are complete, that leaves just two large buildings to be built at Lakeshore East.  The 950-foot-tall Building I will be slotted in the current construction staging area.  And Building O, a hotel tower on Columbus Drive, just south of Aqua.

Location: North Harbor Drive, The Loop

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