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Chicago’s Latest 101-Story Skyscraper Is Almost Fork-Ready

If you happen to have a 200-foot-long fork, get ready to stick it in the Vista Tower.  That thing is almost done.

Vista Tower under construction (June 2020, courtesy of YoChicago!)
Vista Tower under construction (June 2020, courtesy of YoChicago!)

The nice folks over at YoChicago! jabbed the photograph above into our tip line.  It shows that the major work on Chicago’s newest 101-story skyscraper is almost over.  You can tell because the skip is coming down.

If you’re not up on your construction lingo, a “skip” is what people who wear hard hats call the construction elevator that clings to the side of a new tower while it’s being built.  It’s called a “skip” because it only stops at every other floor. 

Presumably, that means that half the time you end up someplace other than where you wanted to be, and you have to hoof it up or down a level.  This may explain why construction workers always have such fully-developed calf muscles.

Rendring of the Wanda Vista Tower (Courtesy of Studio Gang)

Location: 363 East Wacker Drive, The Loop

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