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BMO Tower Starts to Rise in the West Loop

Commuters returning to Chicago from the suburbs after The Great Pause will hear some familiar sounds as they emerge from Union Station. The scraping of steel against stone. The squealing of metal tracked vehicles. The occasional Very Loud Bang™ echoing through the canyons of the West Loop. All these noises and more are on offer right next to the train station, at 320 South Canal Street.

BMO Tower under construction (June 2020.  Courtesy of West Loop Spy Sam.)
BMO Tower under construction (June 2020. Courtesy of West Loop Spy Sam.)

That’s where construction crews are putting up the BMO Tower. These photographs dropped into our tip line by West Loop Spy Sam show lots of machinery at work on the foundation and elevator core of the Goettsch Partners-designed building.

When the 51-story Convexity and Riverside I&D skyscraper is done, it will bring 1.5 million square feet of new office space, and a new public parkling to the notoriously diesel-scented area.

Location: 320 South Canal Street, West Loop


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