Optima Digs Lakeview at Treasure Island

If you paint the words “Treasure Island” across the broad side of a block wall, it’s only natural to expect someone to start digging there eventually. And that’s exactly what’s happening at 3460 North Broadway, where the Optima Lakeview apartments are going to replace the castaway market.

Optima Lakeview under construction (July 2020. Courtesy of Lake View Spy Joel)
Optima Lakeview under construction (July 2020. Courtesy of Lake View Spy Joel)

Lake View Spy Joel took the photograph above showing demolition equipment in the former parking lot of the former Treasure Island grocery store, its formerly cheerful sign attempting to flee the site — every square foot for itself — before the rest of the building is forced down.

The eponymous developer of this building plans to put 208 apartments, an equal number of bicycle parking spaces, and about half as many automobile parking spaces in a seven-story building.

The remaining building is being dismantled in the same calm, dignified manner with which the local supermarket chain imploded in 2018 after 55 years in business.

Location: 3460 North Broadway, Lake View


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