River North Tower Plan Eyeing Hotel Option

Two years ago, it looked like the AMLI residential chain was going to plant its flag in River North with a new building called AMLI 808.  Since then, the world changed significantly, causing the economy to fall down the stairs, roll out the door, and get run over by a bus.

September 2018 rendering of AMLI 808
September 2018 rendering of AMLI 808

Now, in what appears to be a bet-hedging move, the developers of the property at 808 North Wells Street have asked the city for permission to open a hotel in this building, when it gets built.

That doesn’t mean a hotel at this location is a sure thing.  The site is still zoned for a 17-story building with 318 apartments, an equal number of bicycle parking spaces, 16 car parking spaces, and 6,300 square feet of ground floor retail space.  But now the owners want the option to add 44 hotel rooms.

Considering the general state of the world, having more options is probably a good idea. 

September 2018 rendering of AMLI 808
September 2018 rendering of AMLI 808

Location: 808 North Wells Street, Near North


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