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Construction Workers Back at 1000M After COVID-19 Shutdown

One thing seems to be leading to another again at 1000M, the 74-story residential skyscraper coming to Chicago’s South Loop. Work on the Helmut Jahn-designed condominium tower was stopped in early June.

At the time, 1000M’s public relations company stated it was because construction workers couldn’t maintain a proper social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic while working on the foundation. A month later, it was widely reported that banking giant Goldman Sachs turned off the money faucet for this $470 million project. The Chicago Tribune reported that the skyscraper was on hold “at least until September.”

Construction at 1000M in August 2020 (Courtesy of YoChicago!)
Construction at 1000M in August 2020 (Courtesy of YoChicago!)

Now it seems that work is underway once again, as you can see in this photograph from YoChicago!, taken from the roof deck of 1000 South Clark this afternoon.

There are about a half-dozen construction workers visible in the picture, and compared to the shut down picture we showed you in July, some dirt has been dug, some equipment has been moved, and there’s some new heavy equipment on site that wasn’t there before, including an excavator.

Construction at 1000M in August 2020 (Courtesy of YoChicago!)
Construction at 1000M in August 2020 (Courtesy of YoChicago!)

In the new picture, we count 26 rebar cages for the caissons. In the old picture, the number was closer to 20.

We’ve dropped a dime to 1000M, and will let you know when we get a response.

Construction at 1000M in August 2020 (Courtesy of YoChicago!)
Construction at 1000M in August 2020 (Courtesy of YoChicago!)
Rendering of 1000M (Courtesy of Time Equities)
June 2017 Rendering of 1000M (Courtesy of Time Equities)

Location: 1000 South Michigan Avenue, South Loop


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  1. They appear to have built a roadway/causeway down into the foundation excavation area. There hasn’t been any caisson activity for months.

  2. Was walking by the site a few days back, and was able to chew the ear of a construction worker on a smoke break. They say they are just prepping the front portion of the site in order to reopen the sidewalk. Sounds like they are getting the site ready for a long idle period.

  3. Goldman already paid for a PHASE 1 construction operation. The new movement this past week is JUST the completion of PHASE1 , per the contract. Speculation is that this building will never get financing to complete. Actually, it was dead on arrival once Amazon did not buy lot 78. Additionally, MICRO CONDOs, was a terrible idea for Chicago. $400,000 for 500+ square feet unit. They banked on younger, social people, who prefer amenities to square foot living conditions. Finally, the NEMA and the ESSEX on the park, have not been able to get close to fully occupied; which is a red flag for 1000M, or warning. They are rentals so, why buy a condo that will not appreciate in price. ( this is ALL speculation by a guy that lives near 1000M – I have NO insider information and potentially is 100% incorrect ) Add the stressed job market and social/political issues. Well, you do the math.

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