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Crane Nests on Wolf Point for Salesforce Tower Chicago

Labor Day is over, and so the world returns from summer vacation and gets back to work. Or it would, if more than half of the people in Chicago weren’t working from home because of asshats like my coworker who has violated Chicago’s travel-to-a-hideously-infected-state-and-get-a-free-quarantine rules. Twice.

With that out of our systems, we turn to what’s happening on Wolf Point, where hardhats busy erecting Salesforce Tower Chicago have a new hand to help with the heavy lifting: A great big tower crane.

Salesforce Tower Chicago under construction in September 2020 (Courtesy of YoChicago!)
Salesforce Tower Chicago under construction in September 2020 (Courtesy of YoChicago!)

The nice people at YoChicago! hoisted this photograph of Wolf Point South into our tip line. It shows the big gray helping hand that went up a few days ago. For you crane nerds out there, it’s a Link-Belt TG-1900 bearing the brand of Federated Crane out of New Jersey. You can call her “Lobo.”

Salesforce Tower Chicago is a project from Hines, designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli. It will bring 1.5 million square feet of office space to River North when it opens in 2023. It will also complete the transformation of Wolf Point into an urban mini-campus of skyscrapers, gardens, and a riverwalk. Previously, it had languished as vacant industrial land and parking lots for longer than we’ve been alive.

And for those of you on the Vigilante Social Distance Patrol, we counted just 19 passengers on the upper deck of that tour boat going by the in the picture. All the faces we could make out were properly masked.

Location: 333 West Wolf Point Plaza Drive, River North

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