Go Westerly, Young Man, Along Chicago’s Hipster Highway

A lot of people are thinking about changing their ZIP Code these days.  If the zombie-resistant llama ranch in Idaho is beyond your price range, and you can’t bear to be outside the Blommer Chocolate sniff zone, then Fifield might have what you’re looking for.

Westerly at 740 North Aberdeen (Courtesy of Fifield Cos.)
Westerly at 740 North Aberdeen (Courtesy of Fifield Cos.)

Westerly is the name of the building that’s blown in to 740 North Aberdeen.  The 11-story apartment building has just started leasing new units. You should be able to move in right about the time you discover that Facebook “friends” won’t help you move your Peloton.

The building is marketed for its location on the Milwaukee Avenue corridor, connecting Wicker Park and Bucktown to downtown Chicago.  In morning commutes past, the area would be heady with the scent of beard conditioner as pasty outstate wannabe lumberjacks in knit caps and utilikilts on fixies zipped to jobs as chief morale officers, product synergy liaisons, and lead paradigm coordinators in progressive Loop-adjacent companies.  Now that COVID-19 has taught them that “product interaction engineer” is not an essential job, it remains to be seen if all that money spent making Milwaukee Avenue bike-friendly was a good investment, or just another case of municipal trendchasing.

Still, the building designed by FitzGerald Associates does bring 188 new homes to an area that needs some residential development, and we hope will continue needing residential development in the future.  Westerly also sports a bit of public art, which is always welcome.

A mural by Sentrock at Westerly (Courtesy of Fifield Cos.)
A mural by Sentrock at Westerly (Courtesy of Fifield Cos.)

In this case, it’s a work by Sentrock, the Phoenix muralist currently fighting the good fight against boring walls in Chicago.  He’s done up the south facades of Westerly in a way that can be enjoyed not only by people who walk through the neighborhood, but by thousands of others who zip past on the Kennedy Expressway in their mechanical transport bubbles.

You may also remember this building as the one bringing a much-needed patch of green space to this slice of the city.  Immediately adjacent is a new public park designed by Hitchcock Design Group that includes a dog run where your dog can run, and a seating area where you can be seated.  

The building also features a bicycle repair space for residents (Yay!), and 80 automobile parking spaces (Boo!).  It is currently offering virtual tours (Yay!), and also in-person tours (Eep!).

Location: 740 North Aberdeen Avenue, River West

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