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Video: Construction at 1400 West Monroe

Critics of the internet say there’s more to life than cat videos. And they’re right.  There are also construction videos.

Recently the people putting up 1400 Monroe sent over a video showing how far construction has progressed on the Near West Side residential building.

Construction, led by Summit Design + Build, started this past June, and is expected to run into next Summer.  When complete, the JK Equities project will bring 42 new homes to the area in a seven-story building designed by Booth Hansen.  Its standout feature is refrigerated storage for grocery deliveries.  

The video is not dramatic, as construction videos go.  But it’s mercifully free of strident technopop and unnecessary editing.  The video is like the final segment of CBS Sunday Morning for construction nerds.  But I’m left with three thoughts:

  1. Although it seems a little premature to break out the aerial photography, maybe this means more video updates are on the way.
  2. It’s a little ballsy to fly a quadcopter that close to the Office of Emergency Management and Communication.
  3. I feel bad for 1414 West Monroe, the little single-family Italianate graystone next door.  It’s a nice little house, hidden from the vulgarities of the street by trees.  I hope it survives the transformation of this part of town.  Being Code Orange isn’t enough anymore.
May 2020 rendering of 1400 Monroe (Courtesy of JK Equities)
May 2020 rendering of 1400 Monroe (Courtesy of JK Equities)

Location: 1400 West Monroe Street, Near West Side

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