South Loop’s Southbank Getting Southbankier

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that Australian builder Lendlease is thinking about phase two of Southbank. It’s already opened The Cooper, a residential building at 720 South Wells Street, and has plenty more land to fill.

Rendering of The Cooper (Courtesy of Lendlease)
Rendering of The Cooper (Courtesy of Lendlease)

But The Coop’ was flown two years ago, and we haven’t heard a peep out of this riverfront nest since. Until now. South Loop Spy J. spotted a blurb mentioning Southbank in semi-recent entry over at REjournals. It’s buried in a puff piece about Wolf Development Strategies, and mentions that the firm is sinking its teeth in to “lead[ing] sales and marketing for the next phase of the firm’s seven-acre Southbank neighborhood development in Chicago’s South Loop.”

It’s all potatoes and no meat, but it’s the first taste of Southbank we’ve had since Whitey Bulger came face-to-face with Saint Peter and 19 former friends.

Which building is next is anyone’s guess. Unless you work at Lendlease. The Cooper is subarea 2 of this project, so the .oz crowd isn’t going in order with this one. There are four more Perkins+Will buildings in the pipeline.

We put a quarter in Lendlease’s P.R. company’s candy machine and turned the crank. If we get any gumballs out, we’ll let you know.

Rendering of Southbank (Courtesy of Lendlease)
Rendering of Southbank (Courtesy of Lendlease)

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