In Pictures: The Latest Version of the Former Michael Reese Hospital Site

Tomorrow there will be a public meeting to reveal the latest vision for the Michael Reese Hospital site on the Bronzeville lakefront.

The hospital was torn down a decade ago, and has been the object of many desires over the years, from an Olympic village to an urban casino. The current plan is to put up a several billion dollar medical research village, and has the backing of a big name Israeli medical concern.

October 2020 rendering of the Michael Reese Hospital Site redevelopment
October 2020 rendering of the Michael Reese Hospital Site redevelopment

As with so many other public meetings these days, it won’t be people rubbing elbows. It’ll be everyone hunched over a glowing screen. If you really want to understand this project, join the Zoom room tomorrow night (6pm, October 14, more info here). Until then, here’s a few details about the current ideas on offer, and some of the pictures you’ll see in the presentation. Don’t get too excited about the renderings. Yes, they’re from SOM. But no, they’re not final.

  • Maximum height: 450 feet
  • 27th Street Metra Electric station relocates to 31st Street
  • Heals a badly chopped up section of the Chicago street grid.
  • New Bronzeville Welcome Center
  • 10 acres of open space, including a 31st Street Community Park
    • 5 acres of public parks
    • 5 acres of private open space
  • Phase 1
    • 2021-2026
    • 1,350,000 square feet
    • ARC Innovation Center
    • Bronzeville Welcoming Center
    • 31st Street Park
    • Office space
    • Retail space
    • Senior housing
    • Data center
    • Singer Pavilion rehabilitation
  • Phase 2
    • 2025-2035
    • 6,750,000 square feet
    • Healthcare research
    • Office space
    • Retail space
    • Residential space
    • Hotels
    • More parks

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