Another Hotel Coming to Downtown Chicago

The tourists are few and far between these days, but there are plenty of people who are getting ready for the outstaters to flood back into town.  Among them, Praia Management Group, which wants to open a new hotel at 862 North Orleans Street.

October 2020 rendering of 862 North Orleans
October 2020 rendering of 862 North Orleans

The Chicago Plan Commission has approved what is listed in the paperwork as “Stob Hotel.”  It’s a brand we have not heard of before, and searching the interwebs for “Stob” only turns up a village in Bulgaria.  So we will posit that “Stob” is slang for “Just killed another surface parking lot.”

The location is three blocks north of Chicago Avenue, behind the Moody Bible Institute.  That location is not currently primo hotel real estate, but there are plenty of small hotels that opened in downtown’s less-traveled spaces and are doing very well, thankyouverymuch.

October 2020 rendering of 862 North Orleans
October 2020 rendering of 862 North Orleans

Moreover, this is a good play if you’re in it for the long game.  When the new North Union mega development gets built, this area will have more foot traffic than a Bulls game.  Until then, it can host neighborhood visitors and business travelers schmoozing the tech companies a few blocks to the west.

  • Address: 862 North Orleans Street
  • Developer: Praia Management Group
  • Floors: Nine
  • Roof height: 103 feet, 10 inches
  • Maximum height: 106 feet, 10 inches
  • Length: 74 feet, four inches
  • Width; 79 feet, four inches
  • Maximum number of hotel rooms: 66
  • Ninth floor amenity space: 2,027 square foot event space, kitchen, outdoor patio
  • Hotel access: Via North Orleans Street
  • Retail access: Via North Orleans Street
  • Loading dock: 1
  • Loading dock access: via existing north-south alley
  • Parking: none.  Hotel guests are expected to use 10 to 15 spaces per night in surrounding parking lots.

Location: 862 North Rush Street, Near North

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