Lincoln Park Church Wants to Add Mid-Rise Residential Building

In Chicago, church-to-residence conversions are as common as Mexican restaurants on Check, Please!.  It’s getting so that you can’t swing a censer without knocking out a stained glass living room feature window.

The latest conjunction of church and sleep is proposed at the Second Church of Christ, Scientist in Chicago’s Park West neighborhood.   

October 2020 drawing of the Second Church of Christ, Scientist residential building
October 2020 drawing of the Second Church of Christ, Scientist residential building

This time, however, is different.  Instead of an abandoned church being turned into a residential building, the church will remain and a new residential building will be added.

The Second Church was on Landmarks Illinois‘ list of most endangered buildings just two years ago. Hopefully this residential development will provide the dosh needed to keep bad things from happening.

The additional building designed by Booth Hansen isn’t enormous by edge-of-Lincoln-Park standards.  Just seven stories tall.  And fortunately, it will leave the existing church visually unchanged on three sides.  The new building will sprout from the Jeffersonian church’s back and scrub another surface parking lot from the city, shoving 30 parking spaces underground.  The maximum height is expected to be an inch under 80 feet.

If you’ve ever used Wrightwood Avenue as a short cut to get from Lincoln Park to Clark Street, you may have seen this church.  It’s the one with the pediments and the dome, and it looks like the Ohio state capitol building.

Location: 2700 North Pine Grove Avenue, Park West

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