The Plan to Neuter Newberry Plaza

What happens when you take the “plaza” out of Newberry Plaza?  People who live in that Gold Coast condominium tower are about to find out.

Loop North News reports there is a plan to turn the plaza on the east side of this building into a three-story commercial building.  The project would face Viagra Triangle at the intersection of North State Street and East Bellevue Place.

Currently, that area is an open circular driveway with triple-height columns in the back, and both Dublin’s Bar and Grill and Morton’s Steak House in the front.

The new plan is to fill in the columnar area and ditch the drive in favor of an enclosed space running the length of the front of the tower.  The benefit to residents is that the new addition will include an amenity room.  But the space-for-place trade isn’t a good deal in the eyes of some residents.  Renderings and more information here.

Newberry Plaza, showing the columns at the base (File)
Newberry Plaza, showing the columns at the base (File)

Location: 1030 North State Street, Gold Coast

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