Union Station Food Hall Photo Update

If you’ve looked at Goettsch Partners‘ portfolio lately, you might have noticed that the Loop architecture firm has a crush on glass.  But that doesn’t mean it’s a one-trick pony.

Union Station renovation in December 2020 (Courtesy of West Loop Spy Sam)
Union Station renovation in December 2020 (Courtesy of West Loop Spy Sam)

To wit: The Union Station redevelopment plan, which is revitalizing the biggest passenger rail hub in the Midwest.  Goettsch has already gotten more high-fives than the Harlem Globetrotters for its work on the historic structure’s Great Hall.  Now we get to see a little more of what’s going on there.

Specifically, the food court, which was recently snapped by West Loop Spy Sam.  He piled the pix on a tray and slid them into our tip line for checkout.  

In addition to the Christmas tree decorated with railroad logos past and present, you can see… well, drywall and clean floors.  You’ll have to use your imagination for right now.  

The last we heard, when this is complete, the 21,000 square-foot noshery bazaar will have about a dozen food options from which commuters, travelers, and locals can sup.  In the time before the world died, 160,000 people a day would pass through Union Station.  What happens in the future is anyone’s guess, so we’ll all have to be flexible with our expectations for now.

Still, the return of the food court will bring back the entrance that opens directly onto Clinton Street.  This restores an access point that was erased after a fire in the 1980’s, but is still visible in 1940’s noir films.

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