West Erie Street Demolitions Slightly Less of a Mystery

Last week we told you that demolition work is underway on 16 and 22 West Erie Street, just behind what is now the Eurostars Magnificent Mile Hotel, a hotel that is three-and-a-half blocks away from the Magnificent Mile, and four-thousand miles away from Europe.

16 and 22 West Erie Street. Pay no attention to the man sipping coffee on the stoop. (Via Apple Maps)
16 and 22 West Erie Street. Pay no attention to the man sipping coffee on the stoop. (Via Apple Maps)

At one time, numbers 14, 16, and 22 West Erie were part of a plan to build an addition to what was then the Dana Hotel (now the aforementioned Eurostars). But things changed, the hotel got sold, and life moves on.

So what’s going on now with numbers 16 and 22 that requires them to be torn down? We asked the owner, Rebel Hospitality. The response didn’t directly answer our question. But it did answer the question of why all three properties — 14, 16, and 22 — weren’t turned into a Dana-adjacent building.

14 West was included in a newly formed 42nd ward historical district (loosely) comprised of 16 individual buildings, despite recommendations to the contrary by historians, Benjamin Historic Certifications. Unfortunately, for the overall site, 14 falls smack dab in the middle of development plans for an independent boutique hotel and restaurant and as a result, interest from initial partners has waned. Although we don’t agree with 14 W Erie’s inclusion for numerous reasons, we respect the decision, and will evaluate its effects.

Gene Kornota, Rebel Hospitality

And now you know… (pause for effect)… the rest of the story.

Location: 16 West Erie Street, Near North

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