Proposed Rush Street Building Includes Batman-Style Parking

The on-again, off-again redevelopment of the east side of Rush Street at Viagra Triangle is on again, with a revised plan for 1045 North Rush Street.  That’s the two retail spaces next to Carmine’s restaurant, where the Alfredo sauce is so good it turns back into a brick of cheese if you put the leftovers in your refrigerator overnight.

February, 2021 rendering of 1045 North Rush
February, 2021 rendering of 1045 North Rush

We last told you about plans for this space in 2018, when Mid-America Group was flogging its retail potential and there was a request to make its zoning more zonier.

That DR-3 change never came, so now 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly is telling his constituents that the new hotness from LFI Development is a five-story mixed-use building that fits within the existing DX-7 assignment.  That means less hassle for the developer.  But not zero hassle, because it’s still within the Lakefront Protection zone, and bureaucrats gotta bureaucrat.

February, 2021 rendering of 1045 North Rush
February, 2021 rendering of 1045 North Rush

If the stamps get pounding, this Booth Hansen-designed building will have retail space on the ground floor, followed by a three-story restaurant, then a single residence at the top.  Whoever lives in that home gets a rooftop terrace to… hang out the laundry or something.  Also included is a parking space, which is accessed via a secret car elevator at the loading dock.  Once you’re underground, your car spins around on a turntable so you can exit.  Access to your home is via an underground passage leading to an elevator. Hang some blinky Christmas lights on the wall and pretend you’re Bruce Wayne.

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